Flexi-bundle session

At The Rutland Counsellor, we recognise that life doesn’t always behave itself the way that you planned. Plans change, the unexpected happens. There are some weeks when you just can’t squeeze another thing in, and some days when you could really do with helpful conversation with a qualified person, who’s real and gets it.

This is where a Flexi-bundle might work for you. We believe that therapy should fit in with your lifestyle, changing shift pattern or just how you feel on the day. Bought up-front in bundles of six, you can use a Flexi-bundle session whenever you feel you need  to talk. Just book whenever it suits you; little and often, or from time to time – they’re valid for a year.  

If you prefer a session at a regular day and time, then our pay as you go Listening Space, Open Space or Digital Space sessions will work best for you.

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